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What will students learn?

The proposed National Entitlement to an education in Religion and Worldviews would ensure that all pupils in all schools are entitled to high-quality education in the subject and that the curriculum is structured so that it is fit for purpose and relevant for today’s pupils and their lives in a modern and multi-religious and multi-secular world.

The proposal says:

Pupils are entitled to be taught, by well qualified and resourced teachers, so that they gain knowledge and understanding about:

  • What religion is and worldviews are, and how they are studied.
  • The impact of religious and non-religious worldviews on individuals, communities and societies.
  • The diversity of religious and non-religious worldviews in society.
  • The concepts, language and ways of knowing that help us organise and make sense of our knowledge and understanding of religious and non-religious worldviews.
  • The human quest for meaning, so that they are prepared for life in a diverse world and have space to recognise, reflect on and take responsibility for the development of their own personal worldview.
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