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What does RE look like in your area?

All pupils in all schools to receive a religious education taught to a National Standard 

In our local communities, the landscape of Religious Education (RE) varies significantly. While some pupils are fortunate to receive a comprehensive and enriching RE curriculum, others miss out on the vital opportunity to explore religious and non-religious worldviews in depth.

Those who benefit from high-quality RE, have a better understanding of the role of religion in our society. They develop their own worldviews, fostering a sense of belonging in our diverse and pluralistic world. Such individuals are well-equipped to thrive in a multi-religious and multi-secular society, effectively contributing to the workforce, engaging with their communities, and confidently participating in discussions on matters related to religion and belief.

However, not all students are afforded this opportunity. Some receive only superficial or tokenistic religious education, leaving them ill-prepared to understand their own worldviews and those of their peers. In an increasingly interconnected and integrated society, such young people can face challenges in navigating a complex world.

What can we achieve together?

1. Engage in a Local Dialogue: We invite you to connect with us to better understand the state of Religious Education in your constituency. Let us work together to identify areas that need improvement.

2. Advocate for the subject with Parliamentary Questions: Your support in raising important Parliamentary Questions related to RE can make a significant difference. Tell us if you are happy to facilitate these.

3. Support a request for a Westminster Hall Debate on Standards in RE

4. Enquire About Teacher Training: Reach out to relevant ministers and enquire why trainee secondary teachers in RE do not receive bursaries. Ensuring proper support for future educators is key to enhancing the quality of RE in our schools.

Let us unite to ensure that every pupil in every constituency has the opportunity to receive a high-quality Religious Education. Together, we can empower our youth to become informed, engaged, and culturally aware citizens, ready to embrace the diverse world in which we live.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to initiate this essential conversation and bring about positive change in RE education within our local communities.

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