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What does RE look like in your area?

Levelling up education:
High-quality religious education for every pupil in every school

Some children in your area are not receiving high quality RE.

Some are leaving school with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of religious and non-religious worldviews.

They appreciate the place of religion in our culture and have been supported as they develop their own worldview. Religious education will help them take their place in a multi-religious and multi-secular society; support them in being effective and engaged in the workplace, their community and in discussing and debating issues related to religion and belief.

Other children, however, receive tokenistic religious education and leave school without the knowledge and understanding of their own worldviews and those of others necessary for life in modern Britain. They are consequentially ill-prepared to play their part in an integrated society.

What can you do?

  • Contact us to discuss the picture in your local area
  • Tell us if you are prepared to facilitate the asking of parliamentary questions
  • Support a request for a Westminster Hall Debate on RE
  • Contact a minister to ask why trainee secondary teachers of RE do not receive a bursary

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