What current students of RE say

What current students of RE say

Don’t just listen to us – here’s what some 11 to 14 year old students recently told us about their experience of RE in schools today.  It might not match what you remember – RE has changed!

The best things about RE are…

  • Learning about other people’s views
  • Asking, discussing and answering big questions
  • Becoming more confident with ethnic and religious diversity
  • Out of the box thinking
  • Listening to other people’s ideas
  • Being aware of others
  • Being able to voice your opinion and respect other opinions too
  • Learning about the faith of others

In my RE lessons I learn to…

  • Use open dialogue
  • Ask questions confidently
  • Express feelings
  • Give my own opinions in a nice way
  • Respect and listen to others
  • Understand why others do what they do

RE and politics

  • Keep RE in the curriculum so young people understand and know other points of view, beliefs and how to use dialogue to avoid conflict
  • RE is important to understand other people’s views; it is a good way of having our say in communities
  • RE is important for us to as space in the school day where we can express our own views, religion and beliefs